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The War of the Women

and heeere we go...

Name: Lacey
Male/Female: female
Age: 19
Favorite musical style: ::shrugs:: din't really have one, i like pretty much everything.
Ten favorite bands:
these aren't in any particular order, so yeah....
1. Balzac
2. HIM
3. Funker Vogt
5. Mindless Self Indulgence
6. Children of Bodom
7. David Bowie (isn't a band, but WTF ever...)
8. The HorrorPops
9. The Misfits
10. The Kovenant

Five favorite songs of the moment:
also not done in any particular order
1. Killing Loneliness - HIM
2. Hellion - Children of Bodom
3. Stars and Stripes - KMFDM
4. Gay Bar - Electric Six
5. Day the Earth Caught Fire - Balzac

Five favorite movies of the moment:
1. Land of the Dead
2. Shaun of the Dead
3. Equilibrium
4. Young Guns
5. RENT (the stage version was better, but it still ruled)

Five favorite albums:
1. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
3. The Misfits - Famous Monsters
4. Balzac - Beyond the Darkness
5. MSI - You'll Rebel to Anything

Do you play any insturments, and what?
i know how to play trumpet, and a smattering of clarinet, piano and guitar

Gay marriage: rules. my sister is a lesbian, and it bothers her so much that she would have so much trouble marrying her girlfriend. i hate that just because people are the same sex, it makes most of america refuse to see them as a couple. it makes me sick that people just can't be happy together.

Homosexuality in general: same as above. i love gay guys especially for some reason...

Organized Religion: waaaay over rated, especially when it's shoved down you're throat. the funny thing is that most organized religion today is nothing like what is was intended to be.

Politics: make my head hurt. america is slowly going downhill.

Punk: also over rated. and the newer "punk" makes me want to choke on my own vomit. the lifestyle itself is fun, i've been there. but it's not glamoruous as most people try to make it seem.

Drugs: depends on the kind now, doesn't it? hard drugs are not your friend. but the occasional joint or whatever the hell is fine.

Alcohol: one of my best friends. in moderation tho. i can't stand people who get falling down, blacking out drunk. it's pathetic.

Smoking: i smoke everyday. it'll kill, it's bad for me, my lungs will one day be black, but i'm enjoying myself. so i don't really care.

Do you illegally download music: no, but mostly cuz i can't. but i don't know for sure if i would or not. never had the chance.
Do you legally download music (i.e. musicmatch, i-tunes): yeah, sometimes. almost never tho, mostly for lack of access to such opportunities/
Do you use ebay: i became addicted for about 2 months until i realized i was over doing it.
What kind of car do you drive: i don't.
How did you find us (if in lj, please give exact post link):

and some pics, for fun...

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