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the war of women

Name: Danielle
Male/Female: Female
Age: 26
Favorite musical style: alternative rock
Ten favorite bands:
2.Tori amos(even though she is not a band I love her)
3.Green day
4.led zeppelin
5.the doors
9.the cure
10.smashing pumpkins

Five favorite songs of the moment:
1. New age(tori amos cover)
2. Take me (papa roach)
3.prayer (disturbed)
4.welcome to my life(simple plan..don't ask)
5.soul to squeeze Red hot chili peppers

Five favorite movies of the moment:
1.Donnie Darko
2.walk the line
3.chronicles of narnia
4.Harry Potter(the new one)
5.corpse bride

Five favorite albums:
1.In utero-Nirvana
2.Boys for pele-Tori amos
3.Meloncholy and the infinite sadness
4.American Idiot-green day(I listen to it a lot even though people really dragged it through the mud)

Do you play any insturments, and what?
Yep Guitar and piano!

Gay marriage:

I am all for it. It is no one business to judeg anyone when they love someone. If two people love each other enough to want to take vows , no one should judge it or try and prevent it. I am so sick of the goverment making such a huge deal out of it. We are considered to be a very intelligent nation but can;t grasp the idea of two people of the same sex as married. I am not saying love is enough to want to marry but for the most part it should be and It should not affect anyone else but those involved.

Homosexuality in general: I have no problem with it obviously. I don't think it is anyones place to judge or hate a person (or persons) for who and what they are. To me anyone who hates a person simply because they are gay is like hating someone who is blond or a red head. No one chooses to be gay and and honestly if they did, why does it matter to anyone else. We see much stranger and more sickening things in this world , yet somehow people tend to not talk about those things.

Organized Religion: I really have no prblem with any sort of religion as long as it doesn't get pushed on others or is used as a crutch. People can bleieve whatever they want but when they use it as a way to preach to others, it pisses me off to no extent. To me it's a personal thing and no one should have to tell some one else what o bleieve or do and how to think.


I am so sick of politics. It's all a bunch of bullshit. This nation ahs become so pathetic with how it's run it's disgusting. We spend billions of dollars on sending people to war when we can use it to do some good. I guess some people think fuel is more important than life. I think it's actually the one thing that will destroy this world unfortunately.


Umm, do you mean the music or the lifestyle, cause I have a massive respect for both. While I don't consider myself to be punk , I think it's sadly a lifestyle that is rare. I am very much for non conformity and freedom from certain rules. While I don't admire things like random acts of violence I am okay for people not always doing what is expected of them. If you meant the music, well then it just kicks ass.


I used to have a massive hatred for drugs. Slowly I have come to realize it;s not the drugs I hate. It's the way people use them that annoy me. If people can be responsible enough and not let it control they're lives then it should be okay. If it doesn't take over a persons life or hurt others around then , I say I have no problem with it. I don't like seein people die from it but not everyone lets it get out of control like that.


I actually can't stand alcohol, I come from a long line of people who hae alcoholism and I have had my fill with it. I have known people who can control it and if a person is not dependant I am oaky with it.I myself don't like the way it tastes, but if other people want to drink and can also act responsibly with it, it's okay. The onlyt time I have a problem with it when people drink and then go and drive. Although it's not the alcohols fault I really don't appreciate recklesness like that.


I hate smoking. I think it's nasty and I have seen what it does to people and it's seriously disgusting to me. That's all I can say about that.

Do you illegally download music: no, not intentioanlly at least Lol

Do you legally download music (i.e. musicmatch, i-tunes):yes I am addicted to napster and Itunes.

Do you use ebay: yeah occasionally but I don't laways trust people on there.

What kind of car do you drive: a 2004 audi s4

How did you find us (if in lj, please give exact post link): it was through an interets for something..can't remember what though

Promote in at least one community or two livejournals, and give us a link to the specific post, not just the community or livejournal in general.


At least try to show us a picture of yourself.

Here's one pic which I don't care for too much . I was very tired there.

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