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war of the women

name: kasey
male/female: numero dos.
age: 15, soon.
favorite musical style: jazz.
ten favorite bands:
1. damien rice
2. jack johnson
3. bright eyes
4. cat power
5. the ramones
6. coldplay
7. velvet underground
8. gravy train
9. kal'es
10. the early november

five favorite songs of the moment:
1. blowers daughter- dr
2. banana pancakes- jj
3. you & me- lifehouse
4. girl anachronism- dresden dolls
5. elephant- kal'es

five favorite movies of the moment:
1. the breakfast club
2. sixteen candles
3. thirteen
4. bambi
5. a home at the end of the world

five favorite albums:
i wasn't sure if you meant records? like a record album
1. jesus christ superstar
2. the doors
3. simon & garfunkel
4. pjharvey
5. ?

do you play any instruments, and what?
yes. cello & bass. a little violin and piano.

gay marriage: forforforfor. gay people are um- people. as for equal rights in america, i don't know what happened to those. it's dumb how a man and a man; or woman and woman, who are completely in love- can not get married, but some wackass girl can marry any guy she wants then divorce as many times as she wants. it's ignorant.

homosexuality in general: i'm bisexual. & that doesn't make me or anyone else different.

organized religion: i don't even know what this is. i'm atheist, so i don't bother with religions really.

politics:i'm not super-into-them. but i know a lot.

punk: who cares?, -seriously.

drugs: understandable. life gets hard and you want to get away. I don't do drugs but I have before.

alcohol: same as drugs.

smoking: stupid & gross. it does nothing for you but hurt you.

do you illegally download music: yes.
do you legally download music (i.e. musicmatch, i-tunes): yeah.
do you use ebay: of course =)
what kind of car do you drive: i don't.
how did you find us (if in lj, please give exact post link):i was promoted by someone, but i really forgot who. =\ sorry.

At least try to show us a picture of yourself.
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