killusall (killusall) wrote in coolerthan_thou,

ding ding ding! idea!

ok. so basically, we need people. i say we make banners and promote auto-accepts. maybe the next 10 people get in no matter what?

another idea is a contest. whoever promotes to the most places gets some sort of 'reward' so to speak. either create your own banner or just send a link to all of your friends. make a post with links proving that you did the promoting. leave a comment if you have any ideas on what our reward could be. maybe once we get like.. 20 members you can vote out one all by yourself. (ohh the mighty power you will hold)

of course, all of this is up in the air until emily reads it. i feel bad randomly making a decision but it seems like a good idea in my head. (as do lots of things but they don't always turn out that well) so, if emily agrees, it's a go.

by the way.. even if she doesn't agree, you should still promote your ass off to get people to apply.

i'll probably make banners or a layout or something this weekend.
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