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the war of Women

Favorite musical style: no favorite
Ten favorite bands:
3.led zeppelin
5.death cab for cutie
6.bela fleck and the flecktones
7.the dandy warhols
9.mars volta
10.the shins

Five favorite songs of the moment:
1.pj harvey- beautiful feeling
2.rilo kiley- the good that won't come out of it
3.mars volta- l'vie l'viaquez
4.ben harper- forever
5.talking heads- and she was

Five favorite movies of the moment:
1.finding nemo
2.the professional
3.lost in translation
4.robin hood: men in tights
5. best in show

Five favorite albums:
1.jeff buckley- grace
2.pj harvey- stories from the city, stories from the sea
3.paul simon- graceland
4.benevento/russo duo- best reason to buy the sun
5.broken social scene- you forgot it in people

Do you play any insturments, and what?
i can play guitar.. and i can pick out songs on the pianer.
Gay marriage:
i don't get it.. so hetero's set such a good example of successful marriage?
i think they should definately be allowed. i think its stupid not to.

Homosexuality in general:
whatever makes people happy, and isn't hurting anyone else.
Organized Religion:
opiate of the masses. i can tolerate it (sometimes) as long as its not brought up in efforts to impose it on me.
bush gives me chills.

whatever man.

Drugs: not really for me.. but whatever floats ur boat.

Alcohol: yes please.

Smoking: ew.

Do you illegally download music: yes, yes i do.
Do you legally download music (i.e. musicmatch, i-tunes): heck no. im a college student and the reprocussions of my actions are practically planets away from me right now.
Do you use ebay: nope but i would
What kind of car do you drive: explorer
How did you find us (if in lj, please give exact post link): i searched for "meeting people" bc i.. want.. to meet.. people.

Promote in at least one community or two livejournals, and give us a link to the specific post, not just the community or livejournal in general.

At least try to show us a picture of yourself.

um.. you can't tell that i made an effort. but i did. you can see my mug on my pictures tho. does that count??

this was fun! ... toodles."
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